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Celebrating the release of "Light Work" by Nephew OD


P. Williams

6/27/20201 min read

Light Work EP Release

Reflecting the continual growth of this artist, the release of this EP "Light Work" is a milestone for the Just Works Productions team. The Light Work EP is Nephew OD being vulnerable and letting the world know who he is as an artist and as a person. It's very authentic and very real. The songs on the EP are very personal. ​

About the song "The Light", Nephew OD says, "The Light is me expressing a time in my life when I needed to separate myself from the world in order to find time to work on myself and be the best person I can be, not only as an artist but as a friend, a big brother, a husband, father, and a man.

Also, letting those ones close to me know that it's not personal, it's just, I want to better myself so that, you know, I can be reliable whenever they meet me, because of the responsibilities that I have in my life." ​ The songs on the Light Work EP are: The Light, Andale, Spotlight, Brighter, and Light Work. ​ They are now available on all streaming platforms today so we encourage you to add them to your playlist. More music is coming soon from Nephew OD!!!

Check out the epic EP here:

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Light Work by Nephew OD Album ArtworkLight Work by Nephew OD Album Artwork